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The interiors of a family house

Solar do Bisavô, THE family home, has returned to happiness and well-being. Each room has found its function, and the whole is in perfect harmony. Authentic elements and refined design blend and blend, creating spaces where comfort and conviviality reign.

the lobby

The flower patio, in the past. A lovely inspiration for a welcoming space: smiles, harmony and life.

Here, the vast picture windows are adorned with embroidered sheets, the succulents dance nestled in curious terracotta pots, the Indian cupboard overflows with ideas and treasures from Algarve : a deserted beach, a bucolic hike, an art gallery… and the comfortable armchairs could almost make you forget the day’s programme.


A long room with a brick ceiling in the colours of autumn, an elegant monochrome of ochre and green. This natural fresco is adorned with crystal chandeliers, the walls have a beige patina and, to accentuate the depth of the room, a mirror with Parisian cherubs. The long bench covered in soft cushions and the comfortable armchairs make it an irresistible meeting point for sharing a glass of port or Madeira wine with friends, carefully decanted by the host.


A place for those of you who love books. Books that you look for on the shelf and not just on your bookshelf, that you leaf through, that you chip away at, that you lend out or leave for another traveller to discover.

A place for those of you who love games. Games that are shared around a table, not on screens. You throw the dice, move the pawns or pieces, deal the cards, and then it’s time for silence, strategy, laughter and the smiles of victory.


20 m² of adaptations: meeting room or workspace for the studious, cloakroom or make-up room for shoots, games room for children, home cinema for rainy days or match days…


In between, because it’s situated between the kitchen and the dining rooms. Comfortable armchairs, a fireplace and the magic of the flames to wait for dinner …


Every journey is a discovery. In keeping with the “boutique hotel” principle, we’ll be sharing our Portuguese favourites with you: the scents, flavours and objects you’ll have discovered at Solar.


The ceremonial kitchen was once the place for family gatherings on special occasions. Today, this vast, light-filled space is entirely dedicated to conviviality. An imposing buffet, multiple tables that can be assembled and reassembled, and a ‘corner honesty bar’ to satisfy small hungers or thirsts.


Who hasn’t dreamt of a huge, perfectly equipped kitchen? It’s like a Prévert’s inventory: a work surface over six metres long (“there’s no such thing … and why not?”), a vast central island, two fridges, two freezers, a wine cellar, a steam oven, a microwave, a hob, a dishwasher and a host of drawers and cupboards for storage, ‘Vista Alègre’ service and pots and pans.